Dress Comfortably

There are many exhibitors to visit, and a lot of standing involved in expos shows. This means that you’ll want to wear comfortable shoes and clothing while there. You should feel comfortable while planning your wedding!

Get There Early

Getting there early could mean you are able to be one of the first to speak with exhibitors and discover special offers. You’ll be able to speak with vendors one-on-one and may be able to avoid the crowds.

Eat Before

Be sure to eat something before you go to the show. This will allow you to have more time to shop around for exhibitors without being hangry. Save some room and be prepared for delicious samples from caterers and bakeries while shopping around.

Don’t Go Solo

You should bring others to help you make decisions! Bring the groom-to-be, friends or family. Be sure to avoid having an entire posse – this may be overwhelming as there will be too many opinions to deal with and the room will be crowded making it difficult to stay together.

RSVP or Pre-Register

Pre-registering or purchasing tickets online prior to the event will save you time when you arrive. This will also allow for exhibitors to better accommodate the number of people attending so that they’ll have enough cake for tasting, swag bags, door prizes, magazines and other samples that you won’t want to miss out on!

Bring Your Info Card

Bring a card or anything that lists your name, email address and wedding date that you can give to exhibitors. You’ll be repeatedly exchanging info with exhibitors throughout the day – this will help you to save time.

Win Prizes

There will be prizes! To make entering for prizes easier for you, you might want to bring along a return address sticker label to place on entry slips. This will up your chances of winning prizes by entering as many drawings as you can!

Grab a Swag Bag

At our wedding shows we offer free totes –there may only be a limited amount of totes to the first brides to show up – all the more reason to be early! Make sure to read up on what the ticket purchase can get you and if a tote is included, you can also bring your own larger bag. There will be many handouts, packets, and materials given out throughout the day, you’ll need something to stash all your new goodies in!

Take Notes and Photos

There will be a variety of exhibitors at our shows and remembering all of your favorite exhibitors might serve as a challenge. Bringing a notepad to write down your thoughts and favorite exhibitors might be more helpful than you think! Or even using your phone to take notes could help too! Taking photos might help you to recall certain tablescapes, designs or exhibitors that you absolutely fell in LOVE with!

Be Chatty

Make sure to ask lots of questions and be friendly! This will help you to connect one-on-one with exhibitors. Vendors want to hear about your wedding and want to help you. Speaking with them will give you a better idea if you and the exhibitor are a great fit for one another.

Hunt for Deals

Be bold and ask about special offers! Some exhibitors offer "book now" discounts and giveaway opportunities. Be sure to search for these offers and take advantage of them while you’re there!

Follow Up

Wedding professionals at bridal shows are actively out there exhibiting their service and style to personally meet brides and ultimately book weddings. They are confident in their customer service and product so rather than just replying on a website they are there to speak with brides in person. They want to help you achieve your dream wedding by providing quality service. Because of this, their calendars book up, if you’re interested in hiring, don’t wait for them to reach out to you. Send them a quick email after the show telling them how much you enjoyed simply continuing the conversation, requesting more information, or beginning the hiring process.

Keep an Open Mind

Be sure to have a general budget in mind as well as types of services you’ll be looking for. Be aware that you may see services, ideas and other wedding inspirations that didn’t come to mind before. The wedding industry will present new and very creative ideas and services that are exciting and overwhelming (in a good way). It doesn’t hurt to check out these unexpected elements and consider them a possibility!

Have FUN!

Attending an expo should be fun and exciting! Don’t stress yourself out! Following the tips from above should help you to feel more comfortable, relaxed and prepared.