We offer DISCOUNTS to our exhibitors!

We offer our exhibitors early bird discounts, member discounts and multi-booth discounts! We have shows in Portland, Augusta, Bangor, Auburn/Lewiston and Freeport. This gives our exhibitors more locations to choose from with a variety of dates and clients from different areas across Maine.

Wedding shows will help you to gain new prospective clients in a short period of time!

You’ll get to meet a lot of brides, grooms, and families planning weddings. This is your chance to speak with them and show off your business and get clients.

Our wedding shows will give you the opportunity to show off any products that you’re selling.

This will give your customer a hands-on experience. This is extremely beneficial and an advantage you’ll have over your competition.

Wedding shows are a wonderful way to build a great relationship with customers.

Typically, when customers go to wedding shows they’re excited and thrilled to look around and explore what’s out there. When they come upon an exhibit that not only appeals to their eyes, but also connects with them, they’ll remember this experience and want to re-connect moving forward.

Wedding shows help you to increase your bottom line!

Your sales will increase after the show as engaged couples will re-connect with you ready to purchase your products, services or amenities that you offer!